2 in 1 : Duo 2021 Desk Calendars and envelops

New product

  • French, English or Bilingual.
  • Envelop is included
  • Customization is included.
  • Minimum quantity is 75.

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The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 75

  • French
  • English
  • Bilingual
  • Color
  • Black and white

Volume discounts

QuantityDiscountYou Save
251 CAD$0.11 Up to CAD$27.61
501 CAD$0.23 Up to CAD$115.23
1001 CAD$0.06 Up to CAD$60.06

Data sheet

Width6,25'' (15,88 cm)
Height5,125'' (13,02 cm)
CompositionsBase : carton 12 pts. Pages : Offset paper 140 M Ultra Smooth
BindingWhite wire-o
Envelopes White envelopes, without logo, included
Delivery timeDélais de 10 jours après approbation de l'épreuve
Made byGroupe TAQ division Alliance an Adapted company.

More info

Duo: Desk Calendars, Professional model and envelops. 

Poduct Details:

  • Available in French, English or Bilingual
  • Choice of calendar color or monochrome
  • 12 months: from January, 2021 till December 31st, 2021
  • Size of the calendar is 6,625 " of wide x 6,125 " in height (16,83 cm x 15,56 cm)
  • The same month from both side.
  • Small monthly calendars (previous month and next month) on every page, moons and holidays every month, annual calendars at the end.
  • The monthly calendars can be customized in the colors of the logo.
  • Spiral binding
  • Customization of the footer: a space of 5,5 " of wide x 1,125 " in height (14,92 cm x 2,8 cm) is available in the bottom of pages.
  • Quantity minimum of purchase is 75 calendars.
  • White envelopes is included.

Other useful information

Data of customization: to simplify the process of order, we did not add a form to complete for customization information.

  • For the current customers: we will use the information that we already have. For modifications, you can indicate them in the space "message" when you are in the basket of purchase.
  • For the new customers: one of our councillors advisers will contact you to obtain your information and if necessary, your logo and/or photo.

Approval of the assembly: you will receive, by e-mail, the visual of your customization to give us your approval before printing your order.

Can I supply my visual for the base of calendar or the cover page?

You can supply your visual depending the following specifications:

  • For the base and the cover, you have to plan a bleed so that we have a margin of manoeuvre during the cut.
  • You have to send us the file of your visual in format PDF.

 For the base :



   inch (cm)


  inch (cm)


6,125 (15,56)

1,125 (2,86)

White background     

5,875 (14,92)

1,125 (2,86)

 For the cover :



inch (cm)


inch (cm)


3,75 (9,53)

6,125 (15,56)

The quantity of products ordered it will be the same for all products in the bundle.

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